ZAP is A Passive Yield Protocol With Zero Transfer Tax

ZAP is a novel DeFi protocol that generates passive yield for existing holders every time a new buy order executes. The yield is instantaneous and approximately 10,101% higher than the standard RFI contract.

The best part? There is zero transfer tax which means you don't lose any tokens when trading. Zero transfer tax also means ZAP can be easily integrated into existing DeFi protocols.

Rewards Are Instantly Zapped Into Your Wallet

On every new buy order via Uniswap or Sushiswap, new tokens are instantly "zapped" into your wallet. The more ZAP tokens you hold, and the more people who buy ZAP, the more rewards you will passively receive.

Buys, sells and transfers have ZERO tax. This means you won't lose tokens when trading.

Note there is a 5 minute transfer cooldown after buying to prevent flash loan attacks.

Easy Integrations With Existing DeFi Protocols

One issue with passive yield protocols spawned by the infamous "RFI" smart contract is the transfer tax makes it difficult to integrate with other protocols, such as staking and reward contracts.

ZAP solves this by generating frictionless yield without using transfer taxes to create seamless integrations with other DeFi protocols including lending and mining contracts.

Improved ROI

A flaw in most passive yield contracts that originate from RFI is the actual "passive yield' you receive is negligible due to the reward distribution mechanics (you only receive a small percentage of 1% of each transfer).

Because ZAP rewards are not based on transfer taxes, you can expect 10,101% increased rewards on every Zap event compared to RFI forks with 1% reflect fees (full explanation in Litepaper).